“The closure of the Felindre Tinplate Works in the late 1980s was a sad day for all the people who worked there and for the proud city of Swansea, but its transformation in recent years has been nothing short of remarkable”, said Robert Francis-Davies, Swansea Council’s cabinet member for Enterprise, Development and Regeneration.1

Parc Felindre Old to New

Parc Felindre is part of a bold scheme of renewal and regeneration in the Welsh ‘City of Opportunity’– Swansea. From being decommissioned as a tin plate works in 1986, to becoming a site of quality business land available now for the entrepreneurs of the future. 

Developed as a Strategic Business Park through Joint Venture, Parc Felindre reflects the harmony between Swansea Council and the Welsh Government, and their willingness to corroborate on ground breaking schemes to support business and employment, despite the national and international challenges. 

Parc Felindre has focussed on the original brownfield site, protecting the greenfield area, to ensure sustainable development for the environment, significant considerations in the development strategy.2

Swansea City Centre £1 billion plus regeneration plans are forging ahead to create a renewed, vibrant environment to capitalise on its assets. The ‘core’ site will include a quality leisure and retail scheme, mixed waterfront developments and environmental enhancements. 

Work is progressing on the leisure and retail scheme 'Swansea Central'. with a 3,500 capacity arena now open, hotel, car park and A3 offer south of Oystermouth Road, pedestrian bridge across Oystermouth Road to a multi storey car park also completed, with ancillary commercial and residential use, and public improvements planned for the future.3

The spirit of progressive entrepreneurship rooted in the past is now being rekindled in the programme of regeneration in Swansea City Centre, Parc Felindre and beyond.

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