“All roads lead to Rome”, it was said in ancient times, to summarise that all directions head to the same destination. 

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In the same way today, business growth is dependent on sound strategic direction to help you achieve and sustain the growth to which you aspire1

There are many reasons why doing business in Wales is a good strategic direction. Business in Wales can give you distinct advantages2. And moving business to Parc Felindre Wales offers just those strategic advantages. 

There are diverse opportunities for business at Parc Felindre, ranging from excellent staff skills and training on your doorstep, to clear lines of communication with the Welsh Government at the touch of a button. 

We are proud to report that the links between the business communities and academic institutions and national and international partners grow stronger every year2.

There are many reasons to consider Parc Felindre as the answer to your strategic direction for business growth, and they fall within the headings of a Business Review, so you can check them out against your desired goals.

There are ten excellent reasons to consider Parc Felindre Wales as part of that Annual Business Review. We will be exploring them in more depth in the year ahead, to remind you of the wisdom of a Welsh destination for that new decision2

1. Parc Felindre’s got talent 
2. Parc Felindre has great links
3. Parc Felindre has all the benefits of UK investment
4. Parc Felindre has added incentives
5. Parc Felindre is highly competitive on costs
6. Parc Felindre region is at the forefront of precision engineering and cutting-edge technology
7. Parc Felindre is supported by Welsh investment in R&D and innovation
8. Parc Felindre has great local people
9. The Welsh Government helps business to grow in Parc Felindre
10. Parc Felindre is a great place to live work and learn.

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The spirit of Welsh entrepreneurship is recreated in miniature at Parc Felindre, but it offers the same level of business support, opportunity and growth as the country wide spirit of Wales.

Contact the agent now to secure your business destination site for your future of growth and enterprise. 


1Wellers Business Oxygen