Parc Felindre has Great Location Links

Location, Location, Location is said to be the prime consideration for any business property. But these days, there are numerous ways to link business. 

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So what do links for business mean? Let’s explore three key areas, namely geographical, personal, and technological. All are vital for effective  communications for your business. 

Geographical Links at Parc Felindre are genius. Parc Felindre is sited at the key Junction 46 of the arterial M4 motorway, which links the business land to the major cities of Cardiff, Bristol, Swindon and London to the east, via the M5 to Birmingham and Manchester in the north, and Exeter, Plymouth and Southampton to the south.1

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Fast and frequent train services link major UK cities to Swansea with an average of 48 trains per day travelling from Swansea to London Paddington. In circa three hours you are in the centre of London.1

Direct rail links bring Bristol, Cardiff, Newport, Hereford, Crewe and Manchester within easy reach, and there are also good connections to the Midlands, north east, south and south west England.2 Frequent Eurostar trains link Paris, Lille and Brussels directly with London.3

Travel links from further afield are also straightforward. By air, there are fast rail/air links to Swansea from London (Gatwick and Heathrow). Bristol and Cardiff International Airports also offer internal, European and international flights.

People Links are impressive. A wealth of confident, adaptable and highly skilled graduates are emerge from Swansea’s universities and HE colleges. The location is renowned for experienced creative and technical staff, and there are vast access links to expertise for business through them.

Of course people links also mean internal and external business communications with interpersonal, electronic and paper communications. External communications would include branding, sales, administration and finances. 

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Internal communication shares information about the company so employees can perform their jobs well. It keeps people informed. The  purpose is to provide an effective flow of information between an organisation’s  departments and colleagues. This applies between management and employees and among employees. Solid internal communication nurtures company culture and builds employee engagement.4

Technical links include high speed broadband links to business to the world which are provided by BT and the Welsh Government for the site at Parc Felindre.

Website links play a part too, as the quantity and quality of inbound links online that lead to a specific site, play a significant role in the ranking of an online resource. It is no wonder that link building is an important part of any online site promotion strategy.5

Whatever your need for business links, consider Parc Felindre as a potential resource. Link up with our agent today! 


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