Quality of experience = Quality of business


“It is quality rather than quantity that matters,” a wise quote attributed to Roman philosopher Seneca. If we strive for quality, the quantity should follow not only in life but also business experience.

Quality of life, environment and community are key factors for sustainable business success. In accord with the recent development report for South West Wales ‘growing and sustaining the ‘experience’ offer’ is listed as one of its missions.1

Park Felindre ticks these boxes, offering immediately available business land, a quality environment, high ranking lifestyle and a supportive close knit community.

Gower-Coastline.jpgCosseted within an AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty), award winning beaches and woodlands rich in wildlife, Parc Felindre offers a sustainable growth by design unique experience to occupiers and staff. The Gower coastline neighbouring Parc Felindre, was the first area to be voted an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in 1956. That beauty is still apparent today and voted the best AONB in 2020.

Parc Felindre is adjacent to Swansea, the second most populated city in Wales, and previously voted the UK’s most beautiful city.2 The vibrant city centre offers entertainment at the newly built 3,500 capacity Swansea Arena in the Copr Bay area, a large shopping district, restaurants, cinemas, sports facilities and a range of high-quality schools and universities.

Swansea-Arena.jpgTo maintain customer satisfaction and sustain sales today, business needs to ensure that the quality of your product or service really is the best not just for their satisfaction, but for their quality of life. (QOL)

It is widely recognised that good QOL for workers correlates with happier, healthier, more productive associates. If employees are burned out, you can expect their productivity to plummet along with their mental health. You can also expect higher turnover and more hiring and training related costs.

Butterfly.jpgLong story short, your QOL is important to your company’s success, and there are many ways to prioritise it, even with a demanding job. For me, quality of life involves faith and family, so I start my day by renewing my faith through prayer and spending time with my wonderful wife and children. I also make sure my goals are holistic instead of simply workfocused by writing down three priorities for both my personal life and business as the focus of my day.

In the business world, leaders will bring about the most benefits by improving QOL for customers, employees and finally for themselves. I think you’ll find more peace and progress when this shift occurs.3

Parc Felindre offers a a higher QOL for occupiers and their associates. The pace of life, proximity to nature, and sense of community develops a sound work-life balance, attracting employees who stay and customer loyalty.

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