In today’s world, cultural influences are considered significant. Are local cultural amenities relevant for your business location?1

Parc Felindre is adjacent to the region of Swansea Bay, a vibrant place to live and work. The region brings a wealth of opportunities for quality of life and business. The cultural, sports and recreational environment also supports high level careers in business and academia.2

Swansea Christmas parade

Proximity to local amenities and other businesses is a breathes life into business health. Amenities are a signal of successful business in the area and being situated close to these can increase the volume of passing trade, generating customer traffic, raising your business profile and market interest.

The second reason close proximity to local amenities is important, is for the benefit of your employees. Being close to a wealth of other businesses and services enriches their employment experience, which will only improve moral within your company and support your brand values. 

Accessibility to local culture can also be another aid in attracting highly skilled workers, as they can easily envisage the community they will be a part of as an employee at your company.

National Waterfront Museum Swansea

In close proximity to Parc Felindre are the amenities of Swansea and its environs, which help to make it one of the top places in the UK for being friendly, welcoming and trustworthy.3

The wealth of places that offer culture and benefits to the heart of your business include National Waterfront Museum, The Egypt Centre, The Dylan Thomas Centre, the Market and the celebrated Swansea Grand Theatre. 

Swansea Grand Theatre

Discover how Parc Felindre and its location bring a different dynamic to your business environment, boosting healthy company culture whilst empowering enthusiasm for productivity and growth. Enriching your business not just at Christmas but throughout the year. 

Let Parc Felindre location develop your business culture. 


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